HOC: A Haskell to Objective-C Binding
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A Text Editor

Here's the canonical GUI text editor application, implemented in about 50 lines of Haskell code.

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Class Browser

This is a small program that comes with HOC which shows you the list of all known Objective-C selectors (method names). It shows you the selector in both Objective-C and Haskell syntax, the type of the Haskell function produced, and what class (and thus the Haskell module) the selector is defined in. This program's approximately 200 lines of code.

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A Calculator

Here's a small application which allows you to enter in arithmetic expressions (e.g. 2+5 or 69*33/3+15) and will calculate the final result. The full program is about 75 lines long: about 25 lines for the expression parsing code, and ~50 lines for the GUI.

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